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If you are looking to generate clicks and have potential clients see your website fast then Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click / Adwords, is the answer for you.

With Adwords you are able to target users using Google who are searching for the products / services you offer and direct them to your website using an ad.

One of the best things about Pay Per Click (PPC) is you only pay for what you use, which means that you are able to set a daily budget which will not exceed, giving you optimal control over your campaign.

Fast Results

Pay Per Click campaigns can start to generated results very quickly. As soon as the campaign is set up, it will only take a few hours for it to be live. Your ads will start getting clicks and traffic will be directed to your website straight away.

Flexible Keyword Targeting

Having the flexibility to pick and choose your keywords allows you to have control of your campaign in the form of the customers you can attract. As part of the initial setup we will conduct keyword research to help you understand what your potential website visitors are searching for, this can help formulate your Pay Per Click campaign and make sure it is geared to attract the right type of visitors.

Geographic Targeting

With PPC we give you the flexibility to pick and choosethe areas you want to target. You can gear your pay per click campaign to anything from a few suburbs, to a radius of suburbs or to the whole of the Sydney metropolitan area or state, national and international.

Pause & Resume

Our dedicated PPC campaign managers provide pause and resume functionality for our clients. Having this type of feature in place allows for our clients to make the most of their budget in a scenario where they get too busy and they need to pause their campaign so they do not need to turn clients away. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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Frequently asked questions / More info

What is SEM and how does it work?

We set up and Adwords campaign on Google using specific keywords that are relevant to your products and services, which then appears on Google. If your ad appears and users don’t click on it you will not pay. You only pay when the advert is clicked on by a potential customer, once the advert is clicked on the user is then taken to your website. You are able to set a daily budget which controls how much you spend every day and how many clicks you generate to your website.

Why should I do PPC?

To put this plain and simple, if you want customers ASAP, you can do this via Pay Per Click Adwords. If your website is quite new, the fastest way for you to generate clicks to your website is via a PPC campaign for Adwords. Our SEM Experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled in this area, we choose the best keywords that will keep your costs down and your clicks high, giving you the best return on investment.

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