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Commercial Photography Sydney

Do you require professional commercial photography for your business in Sydney?

Our professional photographers specialise in many areas of commercial photography in Sydney. Having dealt with large businesses within the building industry, real estate and many product shoots, we understand that every product, angle and shoot requires special attention. We tailor our approach to match your look and feel. We start by having a casual discussion to understand the look and feel you require. For the clients who do not really understand photography we provide direction and examples to help guide you along the way.

Product Photography

Professional photography of products adds a whole new layer to your website and overall brand look and feel as well as print & advertising material such as brochures. If you have a unique product range and wish to communicate the detail to your potential customer base, then the best option for your business would be to have your product range photographed professionally. Our photographers are based in Sydney & not only take unique photos but they also spend a good amount of time touching up the photos using photoshop, lightroom and other tools in order to bring out every little detail, to make your product stand out and look great for all purposes.

Building / Architecture Photography

Building & Architecture photography allow for the building to be displayed in a unique way. We take shots from multiple angles, allowing for choice of precision to our clients. We take all factors into consideration when opting to photos of your building, including the weather, sun, clouds and other factors, to make sure you receive the photo to your liking. We can also add artificial lighting, sky background and other components to help enhance the photo.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography is all about capturing the character of the property. We pay special attention to detail, the lighting, the texture of the exterior walls, the natural sunlight, the arrangement of furniture and more. Our Professional Real Estate Photographers are located in Sydney and are able to cater to all Sydney Metropolitan customers. We even have a same day emergency service in case your standard photographer does not turn up.

Cutting / Isolation

In photography there may be certain scenarios where you might require a certain product of photography component to be isolated. In this process our photographers and graphic designers work together to conduct precision cutting work in order to precision cut the object out in the photo. Once the object &/or product is cut out, you then have the flexibility to add a different background or to straighten the object etc. All source files and PNG (transparent background) files can be provided.

Photo Touch Ups

Photography can be quite tricky at times. Most photographers try and do a good job with wiping products or cleaning them up, but dust particles, hair and other elements can land on the object in a matter of seconds. This is why we provide a photo touch up service, our Sydney based photographers and graphic designers use software such as photoshop to clean up these particles in order to bring out the most from your photo. We also provide this service for photos which have been taken by other photographers.

Advanced Editing

Advanced Photo Editing related to adding additional layers to the photo. In this example you can see a camera on a tripod which was edited out in the ‘after’ shot. In certain scenarios (for example reflections) it can be quite difficult to get the right shot, especially with reflective surfaces, but with some advanced photo editing you can see quite quickly that the photo can be fixed to exclude certain objects in the photo. Advanced photo editing can also include ‘straightening’ of objects and the removal of ‘wide angle’ or bubble effect.

Colour Correction & Reflection Edit

At times ‘warm lighting’ can cause a yellowish effect on the colours and effect the ‘true’ colours of the object. We provide a colour correction service in order to bring the ‘warm’ light further into a ‘cold’ light or a balance somewhere in between. We also provide a reflection blurring service. In a lot of scenarios where there is photography of glass or a slightly mirrored surface, the reflection can really stuff the photo up. We apply multiple effects using software such as photoshop to fix these issues. We also provide this service to photos taken by other photographers besides Roosearch.

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