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eCommerce Website Design & Strategy

Whether you need a comprehensive online sales solution, bulletproof data security and management, content management solutions, SEO development or something new entirely, the Roosearch team is equipped and ready for action.

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eCommerce Platforms


Bring the power of eCommerce to WordPress via WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. Roosearch’s WooCommerce expertise sees businesses flourish and profits grow through the installation, customisation and management of this effective eCommerce solution.

Shopify to WooCommerce Conversion

Want to make the move from Shopify to WooCommerce, but have no idea how to do so without causing disruption to your eCommerce activity? With Roosearch’s experienced team at your service, shifting eCommerce platform postcodes is a breeze.

Other Services


CMS (WordPress)

Let Roosearch break down the internet jargon and set you up with a content management solution that works without a hitch.

Whether you’re looking to create or migrate your online home within WordPress, our team of experienced developers and designers are ready to bring your online presence to life in every shape and form.


SSL Cert & Security

Give your customers peace of mind through secure payments within your own custom domain.

  • SSL Certificate installation
  • Enabling of smooth and secure payment processing via digitally encrypted data protection.

Payment Gateways

Roosearch provides integrated solutions to online payment processing across all industries.

  • Payment gateway options that ensure eCommerce platform compatibility
  • Tools and solutions that streamline your payment processes
  • Simple, secure online payment solutions


Global customers bring with them multifaceted demands. Deliver your solutions to customers from all over the world with a robust payment system capable of handling multi-currency payments. Euro, British Pounds, US Dollars? With our rich payment solutions, everybody’s welcome.


Multi Language

Provide your customers with an intuitive and seamless experience on your website through multi-language copy and content solutions. Supported by backend infrastructure that’s capable of delivering localised content on a region-by-region basis, send your message loud and clear in your customer’s native tongues.


Variable Products

If you’re offering variable products for sale online, Roosearch can build customised product listings that enable every option under the sun.

  • Give your customers the power to choose between colours, sizes and styles
  • Easy integration into your online store
  • Simple choosing process that’s intuitive to the customer

Downloadable Products

Add value to your website visitors through the ability to deliver downloadable products. Whether you’re making a name for yourself in the eCommerce landscape or looking to find 21st-century solutions to product delivery, Roosearch can coordinate and build downloadable products with automated delivery into your website with full customisation of features.



Roosearch delivers SEO strategies designed for results through an authentic approach to genuine engagement. Grounded in deep and established understandings of the challenges faced by small-to-medium enterprises when taking on the world of SEO, Roosearch can craft a strategy from the ground up that’s nuanced to your goals and customer engagement approach.

  • SEO strategy creation and execution
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting
  • SEO solutions shaped for small-to-medium enterprises across a wide range of budgets

Live Chat

Engage with your customers in their native environments. Embeddable live chat functionality transforms your ability to communicate in real-time through automated live chat solutions.

  • Embeddable live chat functionality
  • Ability to communicate with your customer base in real time
  • Increases in customer engagements, delivery of easy FAQs or generation of sales – Roosearch’s live chat solutions are fully customisable

Shop Search Engine and Filters

Give your customers the tools they need to find exactly what they want, when they want it. Roosearch has everything you need for an integrated and holistic eCommerce solution.

  • Robust shop search engine
  • Easy-to-use shop filters
  • Integration with overall eCommerce solution including seamless payment facilitation

Customisation of Product and Shop Layout

Your products and services are unique. Why should your web presence be any different? Roosearch’s experts offer…

  • Full and comprehensive customisation solutions for products and shop layouts
  • Visually rich and engaging web presences
  • Easily navigable and secure across the board

Website to Amazon and eBay Auto Sync Listing

Roosearch delivers seamless integration between your website and Amazon with auto sync listing. Reduce manual workloads and margins for error while ensuring your Amazon and eBay stores are always up to date.


Fulfillment Services and Shipment Tracking

Keep your eyes on every step of your product’s journey to reach your customer with automated fulfilment and shipment tracking services. Whether you’re a small business sending out orders on an irregular basis, or you run a bustling online store with many packages sent on their way each day, Roosearch can customise your fulfilment service and shipment tracking needs.


Newsletter Subscription / Email Marketing Integration

Never lose a lead again with automated newsletter subscription services and thoughtful email marketing integration. Working with the industry-leading EDM platforms, Roosearch can automate your customer’s sign-up process and ensure brand messaging is consistent across every step of the EDM journey.

  • Automated customer EDM sign-up
  • Automated EDM journeys triggered by customer actions
  • Email marketing integration across website and social media presences

Social Media Sales Channel

Are you harnessing the power of social media sales engagement? Make your online presence work for you through Roosearch’s carefully cultivated social media sales channel functionality. If you’ve got an existing sales funnel with social media integration, or you’ve never so much as scheduled a Google ad before, you can trust Roosearch’s team to make the most of your social media activity as we connect your online presence with your sales system.

  • Social media integration
  • Integration between your eCommerce platform and social media activity
  • Understanding of SEO best practice in shaping social media sales channels

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